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It’s about purity: Exploring theme in a single word

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I recently read an article on the blog “Reedsy” that discussed shows to watch on Netflix that can help you be a better writer. While I would first tell you that you should spend more time reading than watching TV, this article had some enlightening points, in particular about theme. Reedsy editor Andrew Lowe wrote about “Stranger Things,” saying that the show, ultimately, is about loss. “It will enhance your story if the key characters all want different versions of the same thing, or if their change or development is influenced by a unifying theme,” Lowe writes. He goes on to discuss what has been lost by certain characters and clinches it by stating that having this central one-word theme can help build stronger characters and even assist in writing your synopsis. This reminded me of “State and Main,” a film my wife introduced me to early in our relationship. …

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Social Media Tips for Authors

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Most authors can’t afford to hire a PR person or a Social Media Manager—and honestly, I don’t think you should hire one early in your writing career. Maybe not ever! With these social media tips for authors in your marketing toolbox, you can increase exposure for your work, improve your reputation, and improve your sales over time. Your job as an author doesn’t stop when your book is published. Your readers need to know that you, the author, actually care about them. They need to know that you respect them and that you understand that you’d be nothing without them. That means you should answer your emails, letters, and phone calls. You should handle your sales and book signings and events. And you should be the one to take care of your own Social Media presence. Be a part of the community that’s growing around your books; show your readers …

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Hire an Editor (Even if You Think You Don’t Need One!)

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You’re not doing your book justice by skipping this important step. Editors are worth their weight in gold. They can turn an okay manuscript into a best-seller right before your eyes. Don’t let your book wallow in mediocrity–here’s a quick list of the top reasons why every writer needs to hire an editor! Do I really need to hire an editor? My mom said my book is awesome already! Have your friends, family, and co-workers been gushing over your story? Do you feel like it’s done, polished, and perfect? Don’t send it off to a publisher or an agent just yet, and don’t rush off to self-publish it either. Now’s the time to hire an experienced editor to look over your little gem and make sure it really is as polished and shiny as it can be. Don’t trust your buddies to be your only editors. Their job is to …

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How to Avoid Writing Contest Scams

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How to Avoid Writing Contest SCAMS! By Charity Becker Writing contests can be a lot of fun and an excellent way to teach you to write with a deadline. They’re great exposure, a fantastic opportunity to network, and a good way to hone your craft. Unfortunately, they’re also a perfect way for unscrupulous companies to screw authors over. This is a rather long read, but it’s important to protect yourself. Take the time to read and understand what to look for and what to avoid with writing contests. Research the Writing Contest The first rule of selecting a good writing contest is to do your research. Learn the contest’s rules and guidelines, and especially read that fine print. Research the people in charge of the contest, too. Talk to people who have worked with the company (past or current authors, editor, artists, past winners or contestants). These are the people …

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Don’t Be a Lazy Author

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Don’t Be a Lazy Author: A Rant Blysster Press If you want to be an author, BE one. Don’t expect anyone else to finish your book for you. Your test readers and your editors are NOT there to tell you what to do next. Your mother and various family members are not there to hold your hand and finish your book for you. This article comes to you from a place of frustration in, and great disappointment over, a recent trend in the writing community. LAZY WRITERS! Lazy Writing Makes You a Hack There have always been lazy writers–we call them hacks. But recently, this has gone beyond the norm. As an author, I’m disappointed in those who exhibit laziness–it makes us all look bad. As an editor, I’m disgusted by lazy writers, and I refuse to work with them. As a publisher, I won’t even give them the time …

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How NOT to Entertain Readers: Toothpaste Syndrome – Drone on and on and on

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How NOT to Entertain Readers: Toothpaste Syndrome – Drone on and on and on By Charity Becker There is a story-killer running rampant through fiction, and YOU can help stop it. I call it “Toothpaste Syndrome”, and it kills readers by boring them to death. When I was a teen, I read a very popular horror novel. I was enjoying it until I came to the middle of the book where I found a handful of PAGES describing a tube of toothpaste. The author in question spent so much time on this toothpaste that I fully expected it to come back later in the book and kill someone. Was it poisoned? Possessed? Magical toothpaste from an underworld ruled by cavity goblins? Nope. It was just a regular tube of toothpaste. By the end of the book, I realized I’d been duped by this author and I was suddenly angry. I’d …

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Book Published? Your Job is Not Over!

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Book Finally Published? Your Job is Not Over! By Charity Becker Whether you’ve been traditionally published, truly self-published, or vanity press published (Createspace, LuLu, etc.), your job is not over once your book is out. Even if you have a PR person or a dedicated marketing team, after publication you shouldn’t just sit back and kick up your feet. As an author, it is important that you continue to engage your readers. Show your fans you’re really there. You must talk to readers, news agencies, book stores, and event coordinators. Schedule signings, readings, and plan to attend at least one event every year—more is better! You need to stay on top of your fan mail from current readers and do things or offer goodies to continue to attract new readers, too. Being an author is more than just writing a neat book and sticking it on a shelf or on …