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It’s about purity: Exploring theme in a single word

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I recently read an article on the blog “Reedsy” that discussed shows to watch on Netflix that can help you be a better writer. While I would first tell you that you should spend more time reading than watching TV, this article had some enlightening points, in particular about theme. Reedsy editor Andrew Lowe wrote about “Stranger Things,” saying that the show, ultimately, is about loss. “It will enhance your story if the key characters all want different versions of the same thing, or if their change or development is influenced by a unifying theme,” Lowe writes. He goes on to discuss what has been lost by certain characters and clinches it by stating that having this central one-word theme can help build stronger characters and even assist in writing your synopsis. This reminded me of “State and Main,” a film my wife introduced me to early in our relationship. …