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Point of View: Head-hopping and how to cure it

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Let me tell you right off the bat that point of view is something I struggle with. I don’t mean making the choice between telling a story in first or third person. (By now you should know the difference between those perspectives, but if you don’t, here is the quick break down. I (first person) am writing this article. T.J. (third person) is writing this article. And finally, you (second person) are reading this article. We can talk more about second person another time.) I make the choice early in each story and when I choose first person there is a good reason for it. Usually, it’s because of the voice of the narrator. This specific person needs to tell this particular story. Everything is filtered through his or her (or any variety of that) experience. My story “An Appointment with the Knifeman” is in first person specifically because the …