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Don’t Be a Lazy Author

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Don’t Be a Lazy Author: A Rant Blysster Press If you want to be an author, BE one. Don’t expect anyone else to finish your book for you. Your test readers and your editors are NOT there to tell you what to do next. Your mother and various family members are not there to hold your hand and finish your book for you. This article comes to you from a place of frustration in, and great disappointment over, a recent trend in the writing community. LAZY WRITERS! Lazy Writing Makes You a Hack There have always been lazy writers–we call them hacks. But recently, this has gone beyond the norm. As an author, I’m disappointed in those who exhibit laziness–it makes us all look bad. As an editor, I’m disgusted by lazy writers, and I refuse to work with them. As a publisher, I won’t even give them the time …