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Blysster Press is all about honesty and integrity in an industry where greed and dishonesty have ruled for decades. We want to bring authors back to the front, giving them the power over their works and putting the publisher in the background–as it should be! We do this by giving our authors 100% of their profits of every single sale; allowing authors to retain 100% of their rights; educating, guiding, and encouraging them to take hold of their projects and gain the confidence to make decisions about their books. We are always here for them, and we love to see authors succeed!

But our dedication to honesty and integrity and quality books doesn’t stop at our own door. We want to see ALL authors grow, learn, and become better. After all, better authors mean more books for us to read, and you can never have too many books!

That’s why we offer editing services and book guides at low prices with flexible payment options, as well as our free lessons, classes, and tips. No matter your writing experience, level of education, or publication past, we want to help you! To find out about our services or to find the right service for you, please fill out the form below. You may also wish to review our sample “Services” contract here.

****Please be advised that the Editor-In-Chief may offer publication after seeing a piece submitted here for editing or other services. While this is not the best way to submit something for publication consideration, it is possible to get your foot in the door if we feel your story is especially compelling, interesting, unique, and marketable. For normal submission guidelines, please visit this page.

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Service request

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