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Hire an Editor (Even if You Think You Don’t Need One!)

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You’re not doing your book justice by skipping this important step. Editors are worth their weight in gold. They can turn an okay manuscript into a best-seller right before your eyes. Don’t let your book wallow in mediocrity–here’s a quick list of the top reasons why every writer needs to hire an editor!

Do I really need to hire an editor? My mom said my book is awesome already!

Have your friends, family, and co-workers been gushing over your story? Do you feel like it’s done, polished, and perfect? Don’t send it off to a publisher or an agent just yet, and don’t rush off to self-publish it either. Now’s the time to hire an experienced editor to look over your little gem and make sure it really is as polished and shiny as it can be.

Don’t trust your buddies to be your only editors. Their job is to make you feel good. An editor’s job is to make your book look good to readers. It’s a painful, embarrassing mistake to ignore the common advice to seek out an experienced editor. It’s not a sign of weakness to use an editor–every writer should have at least one. Some of our authors have two or more! The best of the best authors of all genres have editors; don’t you think your book deserves as much attention?

What can a good editor do for you?

  • Editors find spelling errors: How embarrassing would it be to self-publish your book titled: “Neverending Smorgashboard” only to get a negative review stating, “Why would anyone read this pile of slop when the author can’t even spell ‘Never-Ending Smorgasbord’ correctly?” An editor would have caught that for you! Don’t be “that” author who ignores this advice and ends up with an embarrassing spelling mistake!
  • Editors find misused words: Which witch is which? Their, there, they’re. Is it forwards or forward? Further or farther? Beside or besides? An editor will know!
  • Editors can make suggestions to smooth out your sentences, clean up your prose, and make your writing reflect the story you want to tell. They point out clunky, difficult sections and help you replace them with good stuff to keep your readers in the story.
  • Editors can suggest ways to add suspense and conflict that feels natural. They can point out weak spots or places where you’ve become too wordy and boring, or spots where you’ve obviously tried too hard.
  • A good editor will not rewrite your book for you but will offer up suggestions to help you focus your story and really make it stick with readers.
  • A good editor will be there to answer your questions, even after the job is done. They will guide you on your path as a writer.
  • Editors have incredible networks you can tap into for exposure and professional improvements!

Is it worth the cost to hire an editor?

Absolutely! Editors are the nerdiest of word nerds, the elite wordsmiths that love a good challenge. They can quote grammar rules with the glee and fervor of a teenager telling a dirty joke in class. You think you know words and sentence structure? Step up to an editor and be amazed at how little you know. They really are that good. It’s okay that you don’t know everything about writing–you’re not supposed to. Your job is to craft a great story. An editor’s job is to make it shine like the sun. Editors are the Shamwows of the literary world! They wipe off the grime, soak up the spills, and leave your book shiny and amazing.

But a word of warning: editors are human. They have opinions and they make mistakes just like the rest of us. If you find that the editor you’ve chosen doesn’t seem to share your vision for your book, it’s okay to find one that does. Just be sure you’re not upset because they’re pointing out flaws in your work. As a writer, you MUST have thick skin. That book is not your baby, it doesn’t have feelings, and it is not perfect. Don’t fire your editor because she or he pointed out your spelling errors or misused homonyms. However, if they want you to change your Agnostic female plumber to a Christian male astronaut, and turn your sci-fi thriller into a romance, it’s probably time to find a new editor.

But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this great article on Huffpost.

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