Blysster Press: A new kind of publisher for a new kind of world

What Makes Blysster Press Special?

Blysster Press is different. We support, encourage, and guide our authors and artists through every aspect of the publishing process. We explain every step involved in preparing and publishing a book, and we teach our authors how to navigate the literary and publishing worlds safely. We teach, guide, and encourage, growing a new generation of authors who aren’t afraid to stand up for their rights in an industry bloated with greed and dishonesty. We were one of the first hybrid publishers before it even had a name, and as far as we know, we’re the ONLY non-profit publisher that gives 100% of profits to authors.

To our readers:

When you purchase from Blysster Press you are supporting authors and artists, not some greedy fat-cat in an expensive suit. Blysster Press won’t take our authors’ profits–authors get every penny. After all, they are the ones who worked so hard to create these amazing worlds for you to play in–they deserve the payoff! So, THANK YOU for supporting honesty and integrity in publishing.

The only fat cats you’ll find at Blysster Press are the ones who like belly rubs and snacks. Image courtesy of

To our authors:

Blysster Press won’t take your profit. We won’t take your glory. We won’t trap you in contracts or squish you under our thumbs, and we WON’T control what your books say or do. We make nothing off the sales of your books. Every penny of profit goes to the AUTHOR of each book.

Is Blysster a Vanity Press or Self-Publisher or What?

We are not a vanity press–you can’t pay us to be published; you have to earn your place in the Blysster family by writing exceptional books. We are not a self-publishing scam–you’re not doing this alone; we are here to help you achieve your dream. We are not a greedy traditional publisher–we won’t steal your rights or your money; your profits and your rights are yours forever, and we won’t lock you into a contract. You are always free to do as you please, to stay or to go.

So what is Blysster Press?

We are the wave of the future. A real publisher doing business with honesty and integrity. You, the author, are in complete control. It’s your book, YOU KEEP THE PROFIT and the glory and the fame. We just help you polish it and get it into the hands of your fans. As of 2017, the industry finally has a name for what we are–Hybrid Publishing. It’s cool to see more companies like us, giving power back to authors, but we’re still the only non-profit publisher that we know of!

How do we do it?

It’s not complicated to be a good person or to run a business with integrity, but the concept seems alien after being screwed over for so long. Authors keep their profits and their rights, while we get their books out to a worldwide audience. It should be as simple as that, but skeptics are always looking for some kind of negative point, some black mark to stick us with. We can’t blame them for their caution, considering the sad state of the publishing world and the underhanded, sleazy vanity presses sucking money from passionate authors. To make it easy for people to see what we’re all about, we’re posting our contract right here for everyone to read. We spell out every detail, making our business model transparent in every way. You’re also welcome to email us with any questions–we’re happy to help!

Where did Blysster Come From?

Way back in time. . .

In early 2001 was born as a place to discuss hot-button topics without fear of censorship or being attacked for having a politically incorrect opinion. We encouraged discussions with one simple rule: You don’t have to agree, but you DO have to respect others’ rights to express their opinions.

Through the years, Blysster grew into more than just a blip on the internet’s vast screen. With hundreds of active users and thousands of posts, we grew into not just an internet community but real, true friends, complete with ups and downs and face-slapping good times. Even after a hacker attack in 2008 wiped out nearly 7 years of posts and user data, Blysster pulled together to rebuild itself. You don’t find that kind of dedication and loyalty in many places these days.

In 2010, after years of hosting and ePublishing rants, raves, tirades, reviews, and original stories, evolved into Blysster Press–a new kind of publisher for a new kind of world, where honesty and integrity rule.

So, Why “Blysster” and How the Hell is That Pronounced?

It’s pronounced ‘blister’, as in burned and blistered. Blysster is the name of our founder’s mascot–a tiger (and sometimes wolf) from the video game series Black and White. He was named for his penchant for electrocuting and burning villagers to a crisp and then healing them just so he could burn them again. He also enjoyed eating his own poo.

Blysster was a tiger (and sometimes wolf)…

Our founder chose to name the publishing house Blysster Press because her way of doing things gives the greedy publishing industry the ‘Blysster Treatment’. . . minus the poo.


Honesty and Integrity in a World Sorely Lacking:

Blysster Press takes NO money from the profits of our authors’ book sales. Our people volunteer their time, talents, and connections to help deserving authors achieve their goals of publication, all while teaching authors how to safely navigate the publishing world and avoid being taken advantage of.

Charity, our Editor-in-Chief, believes ALL education should be free. . .

. . .that’s why Blysster offers FREE advice and lessons to budding authors, and offers FREE classes and panels at events and local businesses and schools. Charity personally answers all the emails coming in, and she spends time with each and every person seeking help or guidance. All that time spent answering emails takes its toll though. Blysster isn’t free to run. Charity pays out of her own pocket to keep the publishing house running while asking nothing in return from the authors–though several generous people have come forward and donated over the years, and we are very thankful!