Contests, Classes, and Workshops

At Blysster Press, we do our best to help authors succeed regardless of their education, social status, or financial situation. Imagination, creativity, and passion should always be encouraged. We offer classes, workshops, and contests to help budding authors learn and grow and become confident writers.

If we have any open workshops, classes, or contests, you’ll see a list below. If there’s nothing listed it means we’re currently full, but check back often for new opportunities.


Yearly Crypticon Seattle Writing Contest

We are now accepting submissions for the yearly writing contest we run for Crypticon Seattle. Click below for more details!

Crypticon Seattle Writing Contest by Blysster Press

Writing Workshop at Crypticon Seattle 2017 


Registration for our writing workshop at Crypticon Seattle is now OPEN. Slots fill up quickly, so please don’t delay.

Writing Workshop

Registration for a Blysster Press writing workshop.
  • Writing Workshop Registration

    This form will grant a reservation to a Blysster Press writer’s workshop during Crypticon Seattle. Your work will be professionally edited and you will receive one-on-one, in-person feedback from our Editor-In-Chief at the event to discuss any issues you’re having or any specific questions regarding writing, editing, and publication. You may also use your time to pitch a book or idea.

    This is an opportunity to speak directly with a professional editor and publisher to get immediate feedback and suggestions. The cost of the workshop is $15, and you may submit up to 1250 words (we would need it in advance of the event to give our editors time to prepare your feedback).

    Please note: Space is LIMITED and slots fill quickly, so you’ll need to sign-up ASAP to be sure you get a spot. For any questions please email:

    The workshop will be held AT Crypticon Seattle, so be sure you have purchased a pass to the convention to be able to attend this workshop. See the Crypticon Seattle website for admission details. Bring your registration form and / or email confirmation with you to the workshop.

  • Please be sure this is a current, correct, and active email address. This is the only way we will contact you regarding the workshop or your manuscript.
  • Accepted file types: odt, doc, docx, txt, rtf.
    You may use this form to upload your manuscript for editing and feedback. Please note: We must have your manuscript by May 18, 2016 or we will not have time to carefully edit and draft your feedback for the event.

    Manuscripts may be up to 1250 words in .odt, .doc, .docx, .txt, or .rtf only. NO PDF.

    By submitting this form, I acknowledge that I am registering for a writing workshop taking place at Crypticon Seattle, Seatac, Wa. I acknowledge that I must either upload my manuscript using this form, upload on the payment page, or send my manuscript directly through email to no later than April 10, 2017 to receive my editing and feedback at the event. It is my responsibility to be sure my manuscript meets the requirements set forth above. If the file arrives corrupt, Blysster Press will contact me for a re-submit, but if there are issues with the file other than corruption, it is not the publisher's responsibility to inform me or to fix the issues on my behalf. It is my responsibility to be sure the file is readable, virus-free, the appropriate length, and sent in one of the file types specified above. I understand and agree that the workshop fee is non-refundable and that it does not include entry to Crypticon Seattle. I understand that if my manuscript arrives without the workshop fee, my manuscript will not be edited, I will not get feedback, and I will not be admitted to the workshop.

    You will be redirected to the payment page after you submit this form.